Friday, November 4, 2011


Let the leaves fall where they may

Let them always fallen stay

Their life cycle now has run

Their intended work is done

There’s no reason they should rise

Thrusting up toward the skies

They have lived their life of green

Hanging up where they were seen

Now they’re color turns to brown

As they lay upon the ground

Let the leaves fall where they may

They have nothing left to say

Monday, June 15, 2009


Your presence just walked in the door.

I feel you by my side.

You must have heard the other night

When I laid down and cried.

Your presence walks across the room,

And takes me by the hand.

It makes my inner feelings now

Feel oh so very grand.

Your presence stands so quietly

Without a single word.

I thank the Lord so very much.

My prayer He must have heard.

Your presence isn’t really you

With all your wondrous ways,

But with your presence by my side

I’ll pass the next few days.


When I hear a sparrow sing,

Oh the joy that he does bring.

When I hear his springtime song,

Then I know he does belong

Where he can be heard by all;

Center stage, Carnegie Hall.


Seeking what, and where, and when.

Seeking now and seeking then.

Seeking that elusive place.

Seeking out from in the race.

It is there somewhere I know.

Always after it I’ll go.

Never knowing what I’ll find.

Never daring change my mind.

Seeking out and up and on.

Seeking all until the dawn.

Knowing not just what I seek.

Knowing that my drive’s not weak.

Caring not what it will take.

Caring only that I wake

With a joy for what I seek.

With a joy for what I seek.


Scalloped thoughts do beckon

And press to understand.

They meet with some resistance

And pass from hand to hand.

Sometimes they’re placed above the tide,

But get lost in the spray.

Their staying does depend upon

The shift of sand today.

The breeze can gather up those thoughts,

And blow them round about.

But they can gather back again

If breeze be not too stout.

One seldom feels the flowing tide

Could stable thoughts prepare.

But they can gather easily

Out in the fresh salt air.


Reflect upon yourself

Search down deep inside

See if you can reach a thought

That you have tried to hide

If you find one, pull it out

Set and think awhile

Then go back and search some more

To put yourself on trial


Overgrown graveyard,

Moss covered stones,

All titled and twisted

And marking the bones

Of ageless dead faces

All looking the same

There stands a big one

Displaying my name.